12 Small Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget

With the average cost of installing a traditional in-ground pool ranging from $28,000 to $55,000, considering budget-friendly options becomes a wise choice.

However, did you know that you can create a charming backyard oasis with a pool for a fraction of the cost?

Discover how innovative designs and clever DIY solutions can help you achieve your dream of having a pool in a small backyard without overspending.

Explore unique and affordable pool ideas that can transform your outdoor space into a refreshing haven, allowing you to relax and unwind in style.

Stock Tank Pool

When diving into the realm of small backyard pool ideas on a budget, consider the allure and affordability of a Stock Tank Pool. These pools offer a charming and cost-effective way to transform your outdoor space into a refreshing oasis. With an 8-foot stock tank pool costing around $600, they’re a budget-friendly alternative to traditional pools. What makes them even more appealing is their DIY nature, allowing you to set up your own summer retreat without breaking the bank.

One of the advantages of a stock tank pool is its customizability. You can personalize your pool with pool liners, sand filter pumps, and unique decorations to suit your style. Additionally, opting for a semi-in-ground installation can provide a custom look at a lower cost compared to full in-ground pools. Whether you’re looking to lounge lazily on a hot day or host a backyard gathering, a stock tank pool offers a versatile and affordable solution for your outdoor oasis.

Natural Pool With Floating Wetland

Consider transforming your backyard oasis into a serene pond-like environment with a natural pool featuring a floating wetland. This eco-friendly pool option not only enhances your backyard experience but also provides a cost-conscious alternative to traditional pools.

With a conversion cost of approximately $1,400, you can enjoy the benefits of a natural pool with floating wetland. By using plants for filtration, these pools create a tranquil atmosphere while maintaining water quality. The floating wetland plays a crucial role in water quality maintenance by absorbing nutrients and reducing algae growth, leaving your pool clean and clear.

Additionally, the presence of a floating wetland attracts wildlife, adding a touch of nature to your backyard retreat. Investing in a natural pool with a floating wetland is a practical and creative way to enjoy a unique swimming experience while contributing to a healthier ecosystem in your own backyard.

Above-Ground Pool With a Deck

Transform your backyard into a stylish oasis by incorporating an above-ground pool with a deck, providing an affordable and aesthetically pleasing option for your outdoor space. Above-ground pools with a deck are a fantastic choice for those looking to enjoy the benefits of a pool without the high costs associated with in-ground installations. The deck around the pool enhances both the look and functionality of the setup, creating a seamless transition from your home to the outdoor oasis. These pools are a popular choice for smaller outdoor spaces and can be installed quickly and easily. The deck provides a space for lounging, sunbathing, or hosting small gatherings, making it a versatile addition to your backyard. Below is a breakdown of the average pool costs for this type of setup:

Description Average Cost
Above-Ground Pool $700 – $3,600
Deck Installation $1,000 – $3,000
Total Cost $1,700 – $6,600

Pre-Cast Plunge Pool

For a space-saving and budget-friendly pool option, look no further than the pre-cast plunge pool. These compact pools, ranging from $20,000 to $25,000, are ideal for small backyard spaces.

Quick to install compared to traditional pools, they save time and labor costs. The pre-cast design offers a space-saving solution, making it perfect for maximizing limited outdoor areas.

Despite their smaller size, pre-cast plunge pools provide a refreshing dip without the high price tag of larger installations. They’re a cost-effective way to create a relaxing oasis in your backyard without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of a pool while optimizing your space and budget, the pre-cast plunge pool is a fantastic choice. Its affordability, efficiency in installation, and compact design make it a practical and attractive option for transforming your small backyard into a refreshing retreat.

Shipping Container Pool

Looking to elevate your small backyard pool game even further? Why not explore the innovative and cost-efficient option of a shipping container pool. These container pools are created from repurposed shipping containers, giving your backyard pool a unique and industrial aesthetic. The beauty of container pools lies in their customizability – you can add features such as steps, seating, and decking to tailor the pool to your specific preferences and needs. Starting at around $42,000, shipping container pools offer a budget-friendly alternative to traditional pools without compromising on style or functionality.

One of the key advantages of container pools is their modular and durable nature. These pools are designed to be long-lasting and easy to maintain, ensuring that you can enjoy your backyard oasis for years to come. With proper insulation and design, shipping container pools can even be used year-round, providing a practical and stylish addition to your outdoor space. Consider a shipping container pool for a creative, customizable, and durable backyard pool solution that won’t break the bank.

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