11 Trees That Don’t Lose Leaves (Perfect for Privacy)

If you’re looking to add a touch of greenery that lasts all year round, consider exploring the world of evergreen trees. Imagine a landscape where privacy and lushness coexist seamlessly, providing a serene backdrop to your outdoor sanctuary.

The choices are abundant, each tree offering its unique charm and practicality. As you navigate through the list of 11 trees that don’t lose leaves, you’ll discover a variety of options that cater to different preferences and climates.

What secrets do these evergreens hold, and how can they transform your outdoor space?

1. Leyland Cypress

If you’re looking for a fast-growing evergreen tree that provides excellent coverage and privacy, consider the Leyland Cypress. This tree, thriving in Zones 6-10, boasts a rapid growth rate of approximately 3 feet per year, making it an ideal choice for those seeking quick privacy screens.

The Leyland Cypress’s dense, conical shape and width of 15 feet allow for the creation of a robust privacy hedge when planted in rows. To ensure optimal growth, plant this tree in full sun and well-drained soil.

Not only does the Leyland Cypress offer the practicality of a low-maintenance option for privacy needs, but it also adds a touch of greenery to your landscape year-round.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your property’s privacy or create a windbreak, this versatile tree is sure to meet your needs efficiently and with minimal upkeep.

2. Sky Pencil Holly

Consider adding Sky Pencil Holly to your landscape for a sleek and modern privacy solution with its narrow, columnar shape and dense, dark green foliage. This evergreen shrub offers a contemporary touch to gardens while providing practical benefits for creating privacy screens. Here are three key points about Sky Pencil Holly:

  1. Unique Growth: Sky Pencil Holly, scientifically known as Ilex crenata, grows in a distinctive columnar form, reaching heights of 8-10 feet and widths of only 2 feet. Its slender structure makes it ideal for vertical accents in limited spaces.
  2. Light and Climate Preferences: This shrub thrives in full to partial sun exposure and is hardy in zones 5-9, tolerating temperatures as low as -10°F. Ensuring the plant receives adequate sunlight and is planted within its recommended climate zones will promote its health and growth.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: With its dark green foliage remaining lush throughout the year, Sky Pencil Holly complements contemporary garden designs, offering a sophisticated and low-maintenance solution for enhancing privacy in outdoor settings.

3. Green Giant Thuja

The Green Giant Thuja, a fast-growing evergreen tree also known as Arborvitae, boasts a striking height potential of 30-40 feet and a spread of 5-8 feet in rows. This tall and slender form makes it an excellent choice for creating privacy screens in your outdoor space. Thriving in full to partial sun, Green Giant Thuja is well-suited for zones 5-9, tolerating temperatures down to -10°F. Its dense foliage provides year-round greenery, offering privacy and screening benefits without the need for constant maintenance.

Height Potential30-40 feet
Spread in Rows5-8 feet
Sun ExposureFull to partial sun

With its low-maintenance nature and elegant appearance, Green Giant Thuja is a versatile addition to any landscape design, blending seamlessly into various garden styles. Whether you prefer a contemporary, traditional, or rustic look, this evergreen tree enhances privacy while adding beauty to your outdoor environment.

4. Emerald Green Thuja

Thujas in a row background.

Emerald Green Thuja, a compact and vibrant evergreen tree, offers a practical solution for creating year-round privacy screens with minimal maintenance requirements. This evergreen, also known as Arborvitae, is an excellent choice for those seeking to establish a green barrier that remains lush and full throughout the year.

Here are some key points to consider about Emerald Green Thuja:

  1. Compact Design: When planted in rows, Emerald Green Thuja can grow to a height of 12-14 feet and a width of 3-4 feet, providing a dense and uniform appearance that effectively blocks unwanted views.
  2. Low Maintenance: Thriving in full sun to partial shade, this tree is well-suited for zones 3-8 and can withstand temperatures as low as -30°F, requiring minimal upkeep while still offering optimal privacy benefits.
  3. Visual Appeal: With its narrow, pyramidal shape and vibrant green foliage, Emerald Green Thuja adds an aesthetic touch to any landscape, making it a popular choice for various garden styles seeking a blend of functionality and beauty.

5. Spartan Juniper

If you’re looking to add a fast-growing evergreen tree to your landscape that offers both privacy and visual interest, consider the Spartan Juniper. This tree can reach a height of 15 feet, making it perfect for creating privacy screens. Its narrow width of 3-5 feet is ideal for planting in tight spaces or along property lines, enhancing your privacy landscaping.

Thriving in zones 5-9 and tolerating temperatures down to -10°F, the Spartan Juniper is a hardy option for various climates. With a preference for full sun, this tree is versatile and can be incorporated into different garden styles like contemporary, Mediterranean, or zen gardens.

The year-round greenery and visual interest provided by the Spartan Juniper make it a popular choice for those seeking both privacy and aesthetic appeal in their outdoor spaces.

6. Weeping White Spruce

Wondering what makes the Weeping White Spruce an ideal choice for privacy screens in a variety of landscapes? Here are three reasons why this evergreen tree stands out:

  1. Height and Width: Weeping White Spruce can grow to impressive heights ranging from 30 to 50 feet, providing excellent coverage for privacy. With a width spanning 6 to 10 feet, it offers a dense and lush appearance, perfect for creating natural barriers.
  2. Adaptability: Thriving in both full sun and partial shade, the Weeping White Spruce adapts well to various lighting conditions, making it versatile for different landscape settings. Its hardiness in zones 2-9 allows it to withstand severe cold, withstanding temperatures as low as -50°F.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond its practicality, the elegance of the Weeping White Spruce makes it a charming addition to any natural garden or rustic landscape design. Its graceful weeping branches add a touch of sophistication while providing the desired privacy screen effect.

7. Eastern Redcedar

The Weeping White Spruce, known for its impressive height and adaptability, transitions seamlessly into the discussion of the Eastern Redcedar. This fast-growing evergreen tree, with heights reaching 40-60 feet and a width range of 10-20 feet, is favored for privacy screens due to its dense foliage. Eastern Redcedar thrives in full to partial sun exposure, making it a versatile option for different garden styles, from natural to rustic. Its ability to withstand a wide range of climates, suited for Zones 3-9, with a remarkable hardiness down to -30°F, ensures its popularity in various regions.

If you’re looking to create a natural privacy barrier in your outdoor space, the Eastern Redcedar is an excellent choice. Its rapid growth rate, dense canopy, and adaptability to different light conditions make it an ideal candidate for those seeking privacy without compromising on aesthetics. Consider planting Eastern Redcedar for a reliable and attractive privacy screen solution.

8. Flowering Dogwood

What characteristics make the Flowering Dogwood tree a desirable addition to your landscape?

The Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida) is a stunning deciduous tree that can reach heights of 15-25 feet and spreads just as wide. Here’s why it’s a great choice for your garden:

  1. Showy Flowers: This tree is famous for its exquisite white or pink flowers that bloom in spring, creating a picturesque display in your yard.
  2. Red Berries: After the flowers fade, bright red berries appear, not only adding color but also attracting birds, bringing lively movement to your garden.
  3. Seasonal Interest: In the fall, the leaves of the Flowering Dogwood turn a vibrant shade of red, providing a final burst of color before winter sets in.

Whether you have a traditional garden or a more rustic landscape, the Flowering Dogwood fits right in, offering a mix of beauty, seasonal interest, and privacy benefits that make it a favorite among gardeners. Plant it in an area with full to partial sun exposure, and watch it thrive in Zones 5-8.

9. Weeping Podocarpus

Moving from the beauty of the Flowering Dogwood to the year-round coverage of the Weeping Podocarpus, explore a non-deciduous tree that offers continuous privacy and greenery in your landscape.

The Weeping Podocarpus is a versatile evergreen tree, ideal for creating privacy screens. With the ability to grow to heights of 35-45 feet and widths of 10-20 feet, this tree provides substantial coverage for your outdoor space.

Thriving in full to partial sun, it’s well-suited for Zones 9-11 and can withstand temperatures down to 20°F, making it a resilient choice for various climates. Whether you have a tropical garden, contemporary landscape, or rustic setting, the Weeping Podocarpus fits seamlessly into different garden styles.

Its evergreen nature ensures continuous privacy and beauty without the inconvenience of seasonal leaf drop, making it a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to your outdoor environment.

10. Goldspire Ginkgo

Introduce the Goldspire Ginkgo, a slender evergreen tree known for its compact size and suitability as a privacy screen in various garden styles. Goldspire Ginkgo, with its narrow, columnar shape, offers an elegant presence perfect for creating privacy in your outdoor space.

Here are some key points about this tree:

  1. Size: Goldspire Ginkgo reaches a height of 14-16 feet and a width of 5-6 feet, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a tall yet narrow privacy screen.
  2. Sunlight: Thriving in full to partial sun, this tree is adaptable to different light conditions, ensuring it can find a place in various garden settings.
  3. Suitability: Ideal for Zones 4-9 and capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -20°F, the Goldspire Ginkgo is a versatile choice for gardeners looking to add a touch of privacy while maintaining a Zen or traditional aesthetic.

11. Hybrid Willow Tree

The Hybrid Willow Tree, known for its impressive height and dense foliage, is a versatile choice for creating a natural privacy barrier in outdoor spaces. This fast-growing tree can reach heights of 35-45 feet and widths of up to 20 feet, providing a substantial privacy screen. Thriving in full to partial sun, it suits various garden styles, from traditional to contemporary or zen. The Hybrid Willow Tree is particularly well-suited for Zones 4-9, tolerating temperatures as low as -20°F and adapting to diverse climates.

Its rapid growth rate, coupled with its tall and dense foliage, makes the Hybrid Willow Tree an excellent option for those seeking quick privacy solutions. Whether planted in rows for a uniform screen or as a standalone specimen reaching up to 75 feet in height, this tree offers a lush and effective privacy barrier. Consider incorporating the Hybrid Willow Tree into your outdoor space for a natural and efficient privacy solution.

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