4 Best Butterfly Feeders For Your Garden (And Why)

Transform your garden with the 4 best butterfly feeders. The Whimsical Garden Stake Butterfly Feeder’s blown-glass bloom and colorful design attract butterflies, adding charm. The Woodlink NABFLY Audubon Feeder’s bright cap and feeding options attract without inviting wasps. The Amaranth Butterfly Feeder Puddler’s stoneware and glass offer minerals and sustainable support. Duncraft Eco-Butterfly Feeder’s recycled wood and nectar cups provide an eco-friendly food source. Enhance your outdoor space while sustaining delicate butterflies with these feeders that offer essential nectar and minerals.

1. Whimsical Garden Stake Butterfly Feeder

Enhancing your garden with a whimsical touch, the Whimsical Garden Stake Butterfly Feeder features a metal feeder stake adorned with a blown-glass bloom that entices butterflies to sip nectar in your garden.

The 8-inch bowl attached to the feeder stake provides a perfect spot for placing a sponge soaked in nectar, a favorite food source for butterflies. Nectar, a sugary fluid found in flowers, serves as a vital energy source for these delicate winged creatures.

As butterflies flutter around your garden, the sight of the colorful blown-glass bloom and the enticing aroma of the nectar are sure to attract them to this feeder.

Observing butterflies as they delicately sip nectar from feeders can be a mesmerizing experience. The Whimsical Garden Stake Butterfly Feeder not only serves a functional purpose by providing nourishment to these graceful insects but also adds a charming and decorative element to your outdoor space.

With its unique design and ability to attract butterflies, this feeder is a delightful addition to any butterfly-friendly garden setting.

2. Woodlink NABFLY Audubon Classic Butterfly Feeder

Featuring a 12-ounce nectar reservoir, the Woodlink NABFLY Audubon Classic Butterfly Feeder offers a vibrant plastic cap with sip perforations for easy butterfly access. This feeder is designed to attract butterflies to your garden and provide them with a convenient feeding station.

Here are three key features of the Woodlink NABFLY Audubon Classic Butterfly Feeder:

  • Nectar Reservoir: The 12-ounce reservoir ensures an adequate supply of nectar to attract butterflies to the feeder.
  • Easy Access: The bright plastic cap with sip perforations makes it easy for butterflies to access the nectar, encouraging frequent visits.
  • Additional Feeding Options: With four external dishes, this feeder offers versatility in feeding options, attracting a variety of butterfly species to your garden.

This feeder isn’t only functional but also adds a pop of color to your outdoor space. While it isn’t recommended for fruits to avoid attracting wasps, the Woodlink NABFLY Audubon Classic Butterfly Feeder effectively serves its purpose of attracting butterflies and enhancing your garden ambiance.

3. Amaranth Butterfly Feeder Puddler

Crafted from durable stoneware and recycled glass, the Amaranth Butterfly Feeder Puddler provides a decorative and functional element for attracting butterflies to your garden. This feeder serves as a vital resource for butterflies by offering them a source of essential minerals. By holding water, rock salt, or sand, it becomes a valuable spot for butterflies to extract necessary nutrients.

The visually appealing design of the Amaranth Butterfly Feeder Puddler not only enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor space but also effectively lures butterflies. The combination of stoneware and recycled glass materials not only ensures the feeder’s durability but also adds an eco-friendly touch to your garden. Its unique construction makes it an eye-catching addition while also serving a crucial purpose in attracting butterflies.

Placing this feeder in your garden provides a sustainable and charming way to support these delicate creatures, making it a must-have for butterfly enthusiasts.

4. Duncraft Eco-Butterfly Feeder

The Amaranth Butterfly Feeder Puddler, designed for attracting butterflies to your garden, transitions to the Duncraft Eco-Butterfly Feeder, a recycled wood feeder featuring plastic cups for nectar. The Duncraft Eco-Butterfly Feeder offers a sustainable and attractive way to entice butterflies into your outdoor space.

  • Recycled Wood Construction: Made from recycled wood, this feeder isn’t only environmentally friendly but also adds a natural aesthetic to your garden.
  • Plastic Nectar Cups: The feeder includes plastic cups designed to hold nectar, mimicking the sweet liquid found in flowers that butterflies feed on.
  • Sponge Inserts: Equipped with sponges, the feeder soaks up nectar to attract butterflies, providing them with a convenient and accessible food source.

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