Monthly Gardening Tips for South Florida Gardeners

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From "A Garden Diary:  A Guide to Gardening in South Florida" ©
by Robert G. Haehle and M.E. DePalma

The diary is a compilation of Haehle’s frequently asked questions from his radio show, column and personal appearances set in an easy to follow format.  Month by month you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions…solving problems at the time they occur…along with instructions on what to do in your garden that month.   There will be a page or two for your personal notes, a place to record your plant list and sprinklings of inspiration and encouragement from other garden philosophers.

Now, when January comes, you will recognize the aphids hugging your hibiscus and begin to take action. Anticipate, Blossom, Create will be your garden credo as you travel down the garden path with Bob Haehle and M.E. DePalma.  They will lead you to new adventures.

There are books and books and books for gardeners but, this book is…

            1. What to Plant
            2. When to Plant
            3. Where to Plant
            4. When to Feed
            5. When to Water
            6. What is Making your Plant Sick and
            7. Answers to Questions on Everything from A to Z in the South Florida Garden

Added Features:· Pages for Gardening Notes · Places to Visit · Internet Connections · Butterfly Gardening  ·  Organic Pest Control - And So Much More!  201 pages with full color dividers, size: 5" x 8" with solid ring binding  Published December  1999  Retail sales price $12.95.  ISBN: 0-9676022-0-3 Available atyour local bookstore or order online through 


Monthly Tips For South Florida Gardeners

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Robert Haehle passed away Sunday, June 2, 2013

Butterfly Gardening Sites for South Florida Gardeners
 information on great gardens in south Florida
About the Authors Schedule of  Personal Appearances by the Authors
The Frequently asked Questions about:

Accent Plants ...66
Annuals ...68
Bromeliads - Orchids & Epiphytes...71
Butterfly Plants...78
Garden Visitors...84
Herbs...89 ( + recipes for Pesto and Tuscan Potatoes)
House Plants...91
Lawns...97 & Ground Covers...100
Pests & Pesticides...110-119 
Organic Pest Control...119
Plant Care in Emergencies...121
Poisonous Plants...123
Pot & Patio Plants...126
Salt Tolerant Plants...133
Shrubs: Ornamental...134 
Shrubs: Flowering...135
Trees: Arborists...149
Trees: Citrus...149 -
Other Fruit...154 -
Trees: Other...167 -
Palm ...175
Vegetables and Special Edibles...180
Miscellaneous Questions...189 
Weather...192 & Soil...193
Special Sources for Information and Materials...193
Sites for South Florida Gardeners...195
information on great gardens in south Florida

We  continue to make updates to existing chapters as new information becomes available. Those of you who have purchased the book will find the updates online in dark green so you can add notes to  your copy.

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