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Robert Haehle passed away Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bonnet House
Garden Walks
with Bob Haehle
 Prior to his death. Robert Haehle led garden walks at Bonnet House.
  Contact them for  more information.
900 North Birch Road, Fort Lauderdale, To RSVP  and for tour info and ticket prices call: 954-563-5393. 
Visit them on the web at www.bonnethouse.org


NatureScape Broward  Mission is to Create and certify NatureScape sanctuaries throughout Broward County.
Find out how you can participate and get your property certified.

NBC6 Today Show TV Appearances
Gardening: Variegated Hedge Plants
...Robert Haehle tells how to keep the color in our garden..even with pruning

Flowering Tree Add a few flowering trees to light up your garden
...Bob Haehle and Jesse  Durk

  ACANTHUS PLANT FAMILY -- plants that  bloom all year and will tolerate a good amount of shade
...  Bob Haehle  and Jesse Durko


....M.E. DePalma talks about
- 12 things you can do in your yard that will reduce the size of your footprint on the planet. View the12 step list
Art Constantino's pdf file that will teach you how to
PowerPoint presentation on  Rain Barrel & A/C Water Conservation
GROW OR GO ORGANIC: In the Broward -Monroe - Dade Counties:  www.redlandorganics.com is a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture program available between November and March.  Organic Buying Club of South Florida www.organicbuyingclubsofla.com

Attract Birds To Your Garden
... July 20, 2006 -- M.E. DePalma of the Fort Lauderdale Gardening Club shows Kelly Craig what to do to bring the sound of birds into your garden ...

Batty Plants For Halloween
... Oct. 26, 2006 -- Friends M.E. DePalma and Rose Butman from the Fort Lauderdale Garden Club show us some plants to incorporate into our Halloween ...

"Valentine's Gardening: Heart-Shaped Flowers"
...M.E. DePalma

M.E. DePalma on Herbs - Click to view: Herb information in A Garden Diary on NBC TV *Requires Real Player.

Click to view: Treasures from Trash -

* A Quick time movie will open in a new browser window featuring ME DePalma on the  NBC6 South Florida Today Show
making contrived flowers- Hibiscus and Iris from Philodendrum spathes -  Magnolias from plastic spoons and more from your yard trash


A Garden Diary - A Guide to Gardening in south Florida
View Sample Pages From The Book

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